Coresite Chicago CH2

Gross Building Area
Concrete Volume
Year Completed
J.T. Magen & Company  General Contractor
Corgan  Architect
AG&E Associates  Structural Engineer

The Coresite CH2 Data Center is located just one mile south of Coresite’s Chicago CH1 headquarters. The scope includes heavy structural foundations bearing on rock caissons capable of supporting the high capacity floorplates. The superstructure is a combination of beam and slab concrete construction and composite metal decks on a structural steel skeleton. The heavy beam and slab cast-in-place frame and large slab on metal decks includes large 1,000 CY pours. One of the most challenging aspects of the project is the two-story beam and column overbuild acting as lateral restraint for the perimeter steel enclosures. The work projects over 40 feet above the L03 roof level and will require careful coordination with the structural steel work going on simultaneously on site. The project requires expertise and skill, as we will be framing a 24-inch-thick heavy roof slab over an underground fuel tank that is set in place prior to decking.

The building will help Coresite CH2 support the data at financial, healthcare, and media companies throughout the Chicago area. Coresite CH2 is the first collaboration with General Contractor J.T. Magen and the first data center project for Adjustable. In addition to the structural concrete, Adjustable will be providing all sitework concrete.

1432 S Clinton St, Chicago, IL, USA
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